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Several years ago, suddenly and unexpectedly, I found myself as the executrix and personal representative for an estate. Managing those affairs consumed my time, my energy, and my spirit. It was complex, but it did not need to be difficult. As an attorney stepping in at that stage in the matter, I knew things could have been better planned.

Friends often asked whether there was a will for that estate. There was, but the simple will that had been used — much of it seemingly in a fill-in-the-blank manner — was not enough for that situation (or for most). Many questions lingered, but no clear answers were available. The only one with those answers was gone.

A few years later, I was faced with finding long-term care placement for another loved one. We needed to understand the different options available. We needed to consider the aspects of how we would provide for that financially. And while working through those issues, we were also shouldering the emotional drain that comes when a loved one is in a medical crisis, nearing end of life. That loved one had planned early, and the gift she gave us by doing so was valuable in countless ways well beyond finances.

My experiences strengthen my practice.

Those experiences fueled my desire to enter private practice as an estate planning attorney, later expanding to elder law. My experience as an educator leads directly to my appreciation of the importance of helping clients learn and understand their own estate matters — their needs, their options, and their best interests. My experience working in long term care aids me in understanding the complex nature of navigating the areas of public benefits for seniors and those with disabilities. My experience in management and publications showcases an attention to detail and research, necessary for creating the best individual plans for each client under the law. But mostly, my experiences in working through these areas in my own family enforce in me the essential nature of building trusted relationships with clients to assist them in these areas of life and living, and of death.

Helping families navigate estate planning is my passion.

My passion is in helping make this process easier on individuals and families, having been there myself. More so, my goal is making sure each plan is designed specifically for each client. This isn't a one-size-fits-all area of law. I understand too well the pitfalls of using forms and fill-in-the-blank materials for an estate plan. I understand the worry of providing for a family member financially in the midst of medical crisis, nearing end of life. And I understand the importance of staying educated in this area of the law. I want to help you create the best estate plan that meets your needs and help you sort through the complicated areas of providing for family members who are elderly or disabled. Working together, I want to help you find the peace of mind that comes with knowing you've planned well.

I welcome you to learn more about my background, my services, and my clients. You may also hear directly from my clients about their experiences with my law practice. For more information about how I can assist you, contact me to schedule an introductory call.

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