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Estate Planning for the Family Farm

Suppose that mother and dad have run the family farm for a long time. Now, though, they’re getting on in years, and they’re considering moving into a smaller place. One of the daughters and her husband help run the farm, but the rest of the sibli… Read More
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Preparing for Your Aging Parents' Care

Although every situation is unique, one truism to preparing for an aging parent’s care is that preparation is crucial to success. Whether you need basic information about eldercare resources and services, are looking for a local agency to provide t… Read More
What Your Will Can and Ca…

What Your Will Can and Can Not Do (Hint: It's Not a Magic Wand)

A will is a legally binding directive stating who will receive much of your property upon your death. Having a will allows you to appoint a legal representative or executor to carry out your bequests and name a guardian for your children. If you die… Read More
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Combatting Senior Loneliness

Growing older might not be as pleasant as envisioned for many seniors. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart conditions, and pulmonary problems are common hurdles to overcome or manage. Apart from these well-known health issues, growing evide… Read More
Avoid probate with estate planning

Successfully Avoiding Probate Court

Many people have been told that it is important for people to “avoid probate.” Just because people may have heard that term, that doesn’t mean they know exactly what probate means, why it can be a problem, or how to successfully avoid it. In th… Read More
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The Prevalence of Overmedicating Americans with Alzheimer's

The concurrent use of multiple prescription medications, or polypharmacy, is prevalent in the elderly American population. The more medications a person takes, the higher the risk of dangerous drug-to-drug interactions and increased possibility of in… Read More
Beware of Undue Influence

Beware of Undue Influence

It’s the unfortunate truth that when our loved ones become elderly or ill, they become susceptible to manipulation from those who will defraud or steal. Targeted attacks on vulnerable older people to exert what attorneys deem undue influence consti… Read More
“For the 99.5% Act

“For the 99.5% Act": A Look at Proposed Changes and Estate Planning

On March 21, 2021, Rep. Jimmy Gomez and Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced a new bill into Congress called, “For the 99.5% Act.” The bill’s introduced form is only 18 pages long, but its potential impact on federal estate and gift tax l… Read More
Aging Strategy. Senior mother and adult daughter giving support to each other. Closeup of senior and young woman holding hands. Mother and daughter Family affection concept

What Are Your Parents' Aging Strategies?

In the United States, it’s very common for adult children to live far away from their aging parents. Managing aging parents’ or in-laws’ medical events can be a serious challenge without proper preparation and understanding of their str… Read More
Social Security Cards for identification and retirment USA

Should You Receive Social Security Benefits Early?

Receiving your social security benefits at an earlier age will not reduce the overall amount of your benefit over time. Because you will be taking it at a younger age, your monthly payment will be smaller than if you had waited (up to 30% less than i… Read More
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