Probate in brown envelope and judges gavel. Justice and Law Concept

The Process of Probate

When someone passes away, there is an often-lengthy legal procedure. This involves a court overseeing the process of authenticating the will, reviewing the deceased’s assets, paying outstanding debts, and distributing the remaining property to the… Read More
sign and drive through teller and atm at a bank

Should You Add Your Child’s Name to Your Bank Account?

Even if you wanted to have another party available to keep track of bills when you’re sick or away, adding a child’s name to a bank account may be more of a hassle than it’s worth. Doing so may have unintended consequences for both you and the… Read More
Red RISK cube blocks stop falling blocks protect house showing risk for co-ownership.

Property Co-Ownership Can Be Risky

Too often, people try to circumvent probate challenges by deeding property away to someone else during their lives or by putting someone else on the deed to their home. Also too often, doing this leads to unintended consequences and higher attorneys&… Read More
Health care planning with Medical and Health icons on wooden block planning for health care concept.

How COVID-19 Might Change Your Health Care Planning and Directives

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced, as individuals, to assess our values and priorities along with our overall health. The COVID-19 clinical information relating to treatment options and likely outcomes based on pers… Read More
Senior man and kids putting coins into piggy bank on table at home together to represent filial responsibility.

Filial Responsibility: Should Your Children Be Required to Pay for Your Care?

Nursing home care is expensive; it’s fair to say it is astronomically expensive. Costs can run $7,000 or more per month, depending on location. Hundreds of thousands of people presently need that kind of care, and the numbers are rising. Ten thousa… Read More
Update Your Estate Plan t…

Update Your Estate Plan to Cover Pandemics

The World Health Organization (WHO) gave name to the disease causing the novel coronavirus outbreak on February 11, 2020. The coronavirus disease of 2019 shortly after became known by its abbreviation, CO for corona, VI for virus, D for disease, and… Read More
Contesting a Will. Two people staring at each other across the table from one another

Legal Grounds for Contesting a Will

When a loved one dies with a well thought-out will, we think it should be easy to handle the estate. The will lays out who is to receive the person’s property and which person (called the executor (or the personal representative in Florida)) wi… Read More
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happy senior couple with adorable golden retriever dog in park showing emotional support animal

Emotional Support Animals and Seniors

The use of emotional support animals is becoming more and more common. What is an emotional support animal? An emotional support animal is a companion animal that provides benefits to a person who has an emotional disability such as anxiety or depres… Read More
Close up of woman hands connecting usb flash drive on a laptop computer to organize financial information.

Do You Have Your Financial Information In Order?

Preparing and organizing your financial information now before you are no longer capable will bring peace of mind to both you and your loved ones. It will ensure proper management of your financial situation and afford control over your end of life a… Read More
Hands holding puzzle pieces trying to fit together

Understanding Estate Planning

You may think that estate planning is for the very wealthy; however, for a better understanding of estate planning, you should know that it is actually for everyone. In the eyes of the law, an estate is simply the aggregate of property a person owns,… Read More

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