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Saying Goodbye Is Hard: How a Comprehensive Estate Plan Can Help with Funeral or Memorial Arrangements

When people think about estate planning, they usually focus on who will receive their money and property when they pass away and how it will be received. However, estate planning can also address your end-of-life wishes—the considerations and expen… Read More
Importance of Recording a Deed

What Happens to Real Estate With a Mortgage When I Die?

Your mortgage, like the rest of your debt, does not simply disappear when you die. If you leave your home that has an outstanding loan to a beneficiary in your will or trust, your beneficiary will inherit not only the property but also the outstandin… Read More
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What Happens to My Twitch Account When I Die?

In the digital age, our online presence extends beyond social media. Platforms like Twitch, where users engage with live-streamed content, present unique considerations when it comes to estate planning. Do you know what happens to a Twitch account af… Read More
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My Spouse Died . . . and Now I Have My Own Survivor's Trust?

Many married couples share almost everything, including finances. This may be reflected in their estate plan by using one joint living trust instead of two separate trusts. Separate trusts can provide greater flexibility, but a joint trust can be str… Read More
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Celebrating International LEGO Day Jan 28

Mark your calendars: January 28 is International LEGO day, which celebrates the date when the patent for the globally famous plastic brick system was filed. Since the 1940s, people have been creating their own worlds, brick by brick, with LEGOs. With… Read More
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What Is the Last Surviving Spouse Rule in an Estate Tax Situation?

Estate planning can be a significant part of successful financial management, especially for married couples. One key consideration is minimizing any estate tax, which can substantially affect the distribution of money and property to a married coupl… Read More
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The Testamentary Trust: The Best of Both Worlds

You have several different options when it comes to creating the right estate plan. Some people believe that a revocable living trust is the best way to go, while others think that a last will and testament (commonly known as a will) is best under ce… Read More
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Nine Common Errors That Make Online DIY Estate Planning Documents Unenforceable

Any time a new year begins, many people set a goal to finally get around to creating an estate plan. And too many try to do it themselves with online DIY estate planning documents. While sometimes that can work out okay, too often it causes more head… Read More
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Can Artificial Intelligence Programs Write Basic Estate Planning Documents?

It’s a new year, and perhaps your goal is to get your estate planning in order. With the increased coverage of artificial intelligence (AI) and all of the applications it can have in our everyday lives, some people may wonder whether an AI prog… Read More
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Is Your Trust Protected? Six Ways a Trust Protector Could Help

Trust protectors are commonly used in the United States. Essentially, a trust protector is someone who serves as an appointed authority over a trust that will be in effect for a long period of time. They ensure that trustees maintain the integrity of… Read More
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