5 Key Times to Evaluate Your Florida Estate Plan

Five Key Times to Evaluate Your Estate Plan

Life changes daily, it seems sometimes. Often, when those events take place that bring such change, we can be so focused on the change in circumstance, it’s easy to overlook how our estate plan might need to change too. Here are five key times… Read More
Sharing Households and Things to Consider. McCreary Law Office, Jacksonville, FL.

Sharing Households: Considerations for Multi-Generational Families

Living together with family members is a great choice for many people. However, combined living arrangements can also lead to legal conflicts and unintended consequences. If you’re living in or are transitioning to a multi-generational home, he… Read More
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Man and child holding hands

How to Select Guardians for Your Minor Children

Appointing a guardian for minor children is one of the most important and challenging decisions that parents face. If you’ve been avoiding the issue, it’s time to take the leap. A thorough, properly drafted estate plan is the best way to… Read More
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Dying Without a Will

Prince Died Without a Will?

Last week, news spread quickly of the unexpected death of legendary musician, Prince. Posts covered Facebook news feeds. Twitter exploded with comments lamenting the loss. Tributes rang out musically on stages across Broadway, concert halls, and Satu… Read More
Stretch in a Retirement Trust

Benefits of the "Stretch" in a Standalone Retirement Trust

Instead of naming an individual as a beneficiary for your retirement account, you can help that savings grow even more by naming a standalone retirement trust. The trust then provides for your beneficiaries and distributes money each year. Some of th… Read More
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Living Will Advanced Directive

National Healthcare Decision Day: Talk about Your Living Will

Sometimes talking about end of life issues and living wills can be uncomfortable. Sometimes we are challenged with how to broach the topic. Too often, we think about these matters only after watching someone else go through losing a loved one or thro… Read More

Choosing Beneficiaries and Keeping it Beneficial

With the start of a new year, we often take time to reflect on the past, look forward to the future, and generally set goals to get our houses in order—whether our physical houses, our fitness houses, or our financial houses. One of those areas in… Read More
El Capitan reflection

National Parks as Final Place for Cremation Remains

The Chicago Tribune carried a great piece in December 2015 about the ability to choose national parks as a final resting place. Many parks allow the scattering of cremation remains, but each park’s rules are different. The National Park Service… Read More
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Older person, hand being held

Providing for Parents in Trust

In 2015, NPR aired a segment on issues facing women in retirement. One of the points made is the lack of saving by many women combined with a longer life expectancy. Added to that is a complication of our mobile society: although years ago the childr… Read More
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Authorization for consent to medical treatment of minor child

New Florida Laws Broaden Health Care Surrogate Designations

Beginning October 1, Florida parents now are able to designate a person to make health care decisions for their minor children in case the parent is unable to be reached. Additionally, the traditional health care surrogate designation for adults can… Read More

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Houston Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Jana R. McCreary has been an attorney for over seventeen years, a career move she made after working for over a decade with adults and children with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. Graduati… Read More

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