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Mental Health Considerations in Estate Planning

It is okay to not be okay. Removing the stigma of mental health starts with realizing that many people—about one in five of all US adults–are affected by mental illness. Understanding this fact can lead to more people getting the help they re… Read More
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529 Plan Changes for the FAFSA Form and What It Means for Grandparents (and Grandaunts)

For grandparents who want to leave a legacy to their grandchildren (or grandaunts, such as myself, who wants to help out with the costs for grandnieces and grandnephews), the gift of a 529 college savings plan is an option. Not only can opening a 529… Read More
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The Common Trust: Providing for All Your Children's Needs

Parents strive to make their children feel equally valued as reflected in the fact that, when setting up an estate plan, parents typically divide their accounts and property equally among their children. But while parents strive to treat their childr… Read More
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What Happens to Your Social Media Accounts at Your Death?

According to Statista, more than 295 million people in the United States use social media.[1] If you are an avid social media user, have you considered what will happen to your accounts when you die? If you have spent time creating, uploading, and sh… Read More
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Five Tips for Talking to Your Parents about Estate Planning

Conversations about death and dying are rarely fun. Most people avoid them because they invoke feelings about our inevitable demise. Broaching this subject and talking to your parents about estate planning can be particularly difficult. Adult childre… Read More
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Why You Might Want to Go through Probate

Avoiding probate is a common goal for individuals deciding how they want their money and property to be handled when they pass. It is a worthy one and is regularly promoted by estate planning attorneys across the nation. However, probate is not an in… Read More
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First Responders: Questions to Consider to Best Protect Their Loved Ones

A first responder are those who have specialized training and who usually arrive first at the scene of an emergency, whether that be an accident, natural disaster, terrorism, or even a pandemic. Included in the list are law enforcement officers, fire… Read More
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Community property shown by Toy House And Two Hands Represent Two Persons

Is Our Home Community Property or Separate Property, and Why Does It Matter?

When two people get married, the property they obtain during their marriage is called marital property. This includes anything from real property like homes and rental properties, to stock options, investment accounts, heirlooms, and employment incom… Read More
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How Life Insurance Can Be Part of Your Estate Plan

Life insurance may not seem to have a bearing on how to dispose of assets in your estate, but you might like what you find if you look a bit deeper. Life insurance can be an integral, indispensably important part of a well-thought-out estate plan. Read More
Probate court

Probate: How an Estate is Administered in Court

To process a decedent’s will it must go through a function called Probate, a method which judicial officials, including probate judges, process property. State laws may vary but the general process stays genuinely the same across the country. Read More

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