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Good Luck on your new Adventure. Parents say goodbye when their child leaves home to study or work abroad.

Tuition, Books, and an Estate Plan: Preparing Your Young Adult for College

It’s mid-July, and in any other year, this would be that exciting time as rising college freshmen prepare to go to college. Stores would be full of dorm room décor and organizational tools, college towns would be gearing up for an influx of new re… Read More
Pride flags in Christopher Park shared for Pride Month

Putting Inclusivity Into Estate Planning: A Story for Pride Month

In late June 1969, police once again raided the Stonewall Inn in New York City. A community that had been oppressed for too long finally spoke out more loudly and more visibly than ever before, and the Stonewall Uprising and riots began. Change began… Read More
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What Should You Consider in Reviewing Your Estate Plan?

As our lives shift and change these days, while we are focused on the wellbeing of ourselves and our families, it’s especially a good time to review your plan. Here are six key questions to ask yourself in that review. Read More
Fried Chicken

Family Legacy: It's Not Just About Money

Today is National Fried Chicken Day. According to the write-up on National Day Calendar website, the tradition of deep-frying chicken came to the United States by Scottish immigrants. For me, however, the tradition was not one from my Scottish relati… Read More
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