The Elder Law Consultation

Introductory Call

The introductory call is designed as a brief chat so someone from the office can explain how elder law consultations work. During this five- or ten-minute phone call, we will discuss what to expect in a consultation, what sort of information is needed for the consultation, and how to get started. Fees are not reviewed until we get a chance to get to know each other in our consultation and determine what is needed in your particular situation. And we can schedule that consultation while we’re on the phone. You can schedule your introductory call here.

Initial Consultation

Consultations can be held on the phone, by means of an online meeting, or in person at McCreary Law Office. Before the consultation, the office will send you a link to an online form for you to complete before we meet. This form will require a lot of specific information. The details are important because the strength of the advice provided in your consultation depends on the information you provide. Also, if you are the agent for someone under a power of attorney, please be sure to bring that document with you or send it to the office in advance.

During your consultation, you will meet with the attorney, Jana McCreary. Through your conversation, Jana will learn as much as she can about you and your family’s elder law needs. We will need to discuss details of what things the client owns and how much income the client receives, so please try to gather that for our meeting. Jana’s goal for the meeting is to be able to clearly advise you about what steps are needed for Medicaid eligibility, but sometimes, additional information will be needed. In those cases, another meeting might be scheduled.

The initial consultation is scheduled for one hour, and Jana will provide advice on how to move forward and what she sees as your best path for Medicaid eligibility. The fee for the consultation is $150.

Moving Forward

The next steps will depend on each client’s individual situation. If your elder law needs include the need for more planning, you might meet a second or third time with Jana to discuss those details. Often the office will also send you additional forms to gather more details that will be used for your case. These next steps will be worked out in that initial consultation.

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