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guardianship and conservatorship regarding Britney Soears

Guardianships: Valuable Lessons from the Britney Spears Conservatorship

Most everyone at some point over the past several months has heard something about Britney Spears’s conservatorship and her battles with her father, who has been serving as her conservator. Conservators, commonly called guardians in Texas and F… Read More
Alternatives to Guardianship

Alternatives to Guardianship

Because guardianship involves a profound loss of freedom and dignity, state laws require that guardianship be imposed only when less restrictive alternatives have been tried and proven to be ineffective. ore importantly, and of the alternatives below… Read More
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Guardianship Process

Guardianship Process

Picking up from last week in this three-part series, this post covers the guardianship process. Key points are the complexity involved (this involves the court system) and the ongoing reporting requirements. Remembering some basic points of guardians… Read More
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Guardianship Basics

Basic Principles in Guardianship (a series)

This is the first post in a series about guardianship. Over the next couple of weeks, look for two follow-ups that will further explains what’s behind this area of law. Guardianship Basics Every adult is assumed to be capable of making his or h… Read More
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Guardianship, Hippos, and…

Guardianship, Hippos, and #notallfoxes: Thoughts from John Oliver (and Others)

Sitting in my office this week, I had the opportunity to watch a clip from HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. He provided an explanation of how guardianship works, with a frank discussion of the possible scary implications. Of course, be… Read More
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Can We Talk? Having the Needed Conversations with Potential Guardians

Estate planning is more than making choices. It is also about having conversations with those people you select to act for you in case of your death or disability—personal representatives, powers of attorney, and guardians, to name a few. A lot of… Read More
Man and child holding hands

How to Select Guardians for Your Minor Children

Appointing a guardian for minor children is one of the most important and challenging decisions that parents face. If you’ve been avoiding the issue, it’s time to take the leap. A thorough, properly drafted estate plan is the best way to… Read More
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Authorization for consent to medical treatment of minor child

New Florida Laws Broaden Health Care Surrogate Designations

Beginning October 1, Florida parents now are able to designate a person to make health care decisions for their minor children in case the parent is unable to be reached. Additionally, the traditional health care surrogate designation for adults can… Read More

A Fast (but not Furious) Chat about Wills and Wrongful Death

Some people say to me, “But I don’t need a will; I don’t have anything.” For a few people, this might apply; those persons might not now have anything in their estates that needs to be handled with a formal plan. One concern, though, is that… Read More

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