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Good Luck on your new Adventure. Parents say goodbye when their child leaves home to study or work abroad.

Tuition, Books, and an Estate Plan: Preparing Your Young Adult for College

It’s mid-July, and in any other year, this would be that exciting time as rising college freshmen prepare to go to college. Stores would be full of dorm room décor and organizational tools, college towns would be gearing up for an influx of new re… Read More
The Key Legal Document Ev…

The Key Legal Document Every Adult Needs to Have: Preparing for Coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to disrupt daily life and leave Americans uncertain of the future, you don’t have to feel helpless during this pandemic. In fact, now is a great time to be proactive and plan ahead should you or a loved one fall ill. On… Read More
personal representatives estate plan will

Agents, Representatives, and Surrogates: Oh My! Understanding Your Estate Plan Roles

When you create your estate plan, not only do you decide what happens to your belongings and property after you die, you also choose people in the roles of your estate plan to do things for you when you cannot. Some of these people act after your dea… Read More
Everyone Needs Estate Planning

Who Needs an Estate Plan? Everyone!

If you already have an estate plan, well done! Granted, life brings changes. Those changes can necessitate updates to your plan. Your estate-planning attorney can help make sure your wishes remain in effect. For everyone else, we often see two types… Read More
Blended Families in Florida Must Decide Who Makes Health Care Decisions

The Blended Family: Who is your Health Care Surrogate?

Ultimately, you have the right to decide what type of health care you would like to receive. You also have the right to decide whom you want to make these decisions. Blended families present some unique challenges in these situations. To help that, c… Read More
Why Single People Need a Health Surrogate

Why Single People Need a Health Care Surrogate

It is of great importance for everyone to appoint a health care surrogate. If you are unable to make your own decisions, a health care surrogate is the person who steps in to make decisions for you. Discussing things in advance with your surrogate ca… Read More
Talking about hospice before you need it. McCreary Law Office, Jacksonville, FL.

Talking About Hospice (Before It Is Needed)

Have you talked to your loved ones about your health care choices? Do they know what type of care you want if you are unable to tell doctors? This is the type of information that you need to share. And when confronting choices for end-of-life, having… Read More
Authorization for consent to medical treatment of minor child

New Florida Laws Broaden Health Care Surrogate Designations

Beginning October 1, Florida parents now are able to designate a person to make health care decisions for their minor children in case the parent is unable to be reached. Additionally, the traditional health care surrogate designation for adults can… Read More

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Houston Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Jana R. McCreary has been an attorney for over seventeen years, a career move she made after working for over a decade with adults and children with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. Graduati… Read More

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