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What Should You Consider in Reviewing Your Estate Plan?

As our lives shift and change these days, while we are focused on the wellbeing of ourselves and our families, it’s especially a good time to review your plan. Here are six key questions to ask yourself in that review. Read More
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Florida's Elective Share: Why a DIY Approach Usually Does Not Work When Disinheriting Your Spouse

Imagine that two people, later in life, decide to get married. Both of them have their own wealth and savings. They each have established large retirement accounts, and they have savings set aside they want to pass to their children. Sure, they want… Read More
I Love You Will

Let’s Talk About Love*: Is a Simple “I Love You Will” Enough?

Many general legal practitioners will offer an “I love you will” to their married clients as a simple—and less expensive—means of estate planning. After all, simple sounds nice. And less expensive often gets people in the door. And who do… Read More
Wrongful Death and Your Estate

Wrongful Death and Your Estate

Most people have heard about personal injury lawsuits (and we’ve almost all seen the commercials). Someone brings these lawsuits when he is injured, for example, due to someone else’s negligent or intentional act. The damages are, in essence, int… Read More
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Business Succession: Does Your Estate Plan Include Your Business?

Only about ten percent of business owners have a business succession plan. Another thirty percent have only an informal plan. Thus, when it comes to estate planning, too often, owners of small businesses fail to plan for what happens to the business… Read More
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Five Key Times to Evaluate Your Estate Plan

Life can change daily. Sometimes our focus on what is immediately in front of us is all we can see. Thus overlooking how life changes affect our estate plan is easy. As this new year begins, let’s take a look again at five key times to evaluate… Read More
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Everyone Needs Estate Planning

Who Needs an Estate Plan? Everyone!

If you already have an estate plan, well done! Granted, life brings changes. Those changes can necessitate updates to your plan. Your estate-planning attorney can help make sure your wishes remain in effect. For everyone else, we often see two types… Read More
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Step Into My Shoes: More Key Benefits of Using a Comprehensive Power of Attorney (Part II)

A power of attorney authorizes your agent to, essentially, step into your shoes (no matter whether you prefer sneakers or pumps) in order to handle your affairs and conduct business on your behalf. This business includes the business of your everyday… Read More
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Four Key Benefits of Using a Comprehensive Power of Attorney (Top Benefits, Part I)

Having talked about some of the basics of powers of attorney in the last post, let’s count down some of the top benefits of having a comprehensive power of attorney as part of your well-planned estate. 1. Avoid the necessity of a guardianship or co… Read More
Powers of Attorney Basics

Powers of Attorney: Some Basic Principles for Principals

Powers of attorney do not refer to how much your attorney can bench press or lift. Instead, a power of attorney is a document that identifies and gives power to a person to make decisions for you in the case of incapacity. The benefits of a highly de… Read More

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Houston Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney Jana R. McCreary has been an attorney for over seventeen years, a career move she made after working for over a decade with adults and children with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. Graduati… Read More

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