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How COVID-19 Might Change Your Health Care Planning and Directives

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, we have been forced, as individuals, to assess our values and priorities along with our overall health. The COVID-19 clinical information relating to treatment options and likely outcomes based on pers… Read More
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Four Estate Planning Steps to Take Right After an Alzheimer’s Diagnosis

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, it is important to start planning immediately. There are several essential documents to help you once you become incapacitated, but if you don’t already have them in place, you ne… Read More
Traveling and Advanced Directives

Will My Advance Directive Work in Another State?

Making sure your end-of-life wishes are followed no matter where you happen to be is important. If you move to a different state or split your time between one or more states, you should make sure your advance directive is valid in all the states you… Read More
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Scheduling Goodbyes Living Will

Scheduling Good-Byes: One Role of a Living Will

December can be, for many of us, a difficult time of year. As we lose family members and friends over the years, holidays often remind us of those losses. Personally, this is the first Christmas I’m headed to Texas since the last Christmas I wa… Read More
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Talking about hospice before you need it. McCreary Law Office, Jacksonville, FL.

Talking About Hospice (Before It Is Needed)

Have you talked to your loved ones about your health care choices? Do they know what type of care you want if you are unable to tell doctors? This is the type of information that you need to share. And when confronting choices for end-of-life, having… Read More
Non-Married Adults Sharing Households Florida Estate Planning

Sharing Households: Two Adults Living Together

Between 1990 and 2007, the number of non-married couple households increased by 88 percent. Today, most folks know at least one person who lives with a partner but isn’t married. The majority of couples nowadays live together before marrying. O… Read More
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Living Will Advanced Directive

National Healthcare Decision Day: Talk about Your Living Will

Sometimes talking about end of life issues and living wills can be uncomfortable. Sometimes we are challenged with how to broach the topic. Too often, we think about these matters only after watching someone else go through losing a loved one or thro… Read More
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Let's Talk About It: Incapacity and End of Life

Estate planning doesn’t involve only things that happen after one’s death. A large part of a solid estate plan involves planning too for incapacity and medical illness. This part of the planning happens with making choices about your medical powe… Read More

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Houston Estate Planning Attorney Jana R. McCreary has been an attorney for over nineteen years, a career move she made after working for over a decade with adults and children with intellectual disabilities and mental illness. Graduating summa cum la… Read More

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