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What is the Role of a Probate Attorney?

Whether you are the executor or an heir of the probate estate, knowing the lawyer’s role is one of the first steps you should take at the beginning of the probate process. One of the biggest sources of conflict in probating the estate is understand… Read More
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Are Handwritten Wills Valid?

Maybe it was Patti LaBelle who asked, “Hey Joe, you wanna give it a go?”* But it seems it was Aretha Franklin who has left even more compelling questions after her death regarding what will happen to her estate based on three separate handwritten… Read More
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Wrongful Death and Your Estate

Wrongful Death and Your Estate

Most people have heard about personal injury lawsuits (and we’ve almost all seen the commercials). Someone brings these lawsuits when he is injured, for example, due to someone else’s negligent or intentional act. The damages are, in essence, int… Read More
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Probate as a Puzzle: Understanding What You've Been Told to Avoid

The probate process in Florida has garnered quite a negative reputation as lengthy, expensive, and sometimes bitter. In some instances, that reputation is deserved. Then again, just one bad experience can sully a lot of people’s opinions, especiall… Read More
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