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Autumn landscape. Autumn October park view. Bench at the autumn alley under colorful deciduous autumn trees, sunny autumn view, autumn park, autumn landscape, autumn trees, autumn morning, autumn park alley, sunny autumn park landscape. Represents Talking to your Parents about Estate Planning.

Five Tips for Talking to Your Parents about Estate Planning

Conversations about death and dying are rarely fun. Most people avoid them because they invoke feelings about our inevitable demise. Broaching this subject and talking to your parents about estate planning can be particularly difficult. Adult childre… Read More
Texas Capitol Legislation for Nursing Homes

State Laws Change to Protect Nursing Home Residents During Covid-19

Nursing home residents in the US suffered severe consequences of high infection rates, morbidity, and mortality because of COVID-19. Read More
Protecting a Home in Medicaid Estate Recovery

Medicaid Estate Recovery, Your Home, and 8 Trillion Dollars

The need for affordable long-term support services in America has increased dramatically. Costs are exorbitantly expensive whether you struggle to pay premiums for a long-term care insurance policy or monthly bills from a nursing home. The US Departm… Read More
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Example of Older workers with photo of senior woman in warehouse.

Senior Workers Can Help American Workforce Needs

Although many older Americans want to work, the April 2020 unemployment rate for workers 55 and older rose to 13.6 percent. COVID-19 restrictions and associated layoffs account for some unemployment increase, but so does the lack of employment opport… Read More
Teddy bear with sad face sitting on footpath blurry background, Loneliness.

Combatting Senior Loneliness

Growing older might not be as pleasant as envisioned for many seniors. Diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, heart conditions, and pulmonary problems are common hurdles to overcome or manage. Apart from these well-known health issues, growing evide… Read More

The Prevalence of Overmedicating Americans with Alzheimer's

The concurrent use of multiple prescription medications, or polypharmacy, is prevalent in the elderly American population. The more medications a person takes, the higher the risk of dangerous drug-to-drug interactions and increased possibility of in… Read More
Aging Strategy. Senior mother and adult daughter giving support to each other. Closeup of senior and young woman holding hands. Mother and daughter Family affection concept

What Are Your Parents' Aging Strategies?

In the United States, it’s very common for adult children to live far away from their aging parents. Managing aging parents’ or in-laws’ medical events can be a serious challenge without proper preparation and understanding of their str… Read More
Social Security Cards for identification and retirment USA

Should You Receive Social Security Benefits Early?

Receiving your social security benefits at an earlier age will not reduce the overall amount of your benefit over time. Because you will be taking it at a younger age, your monthly payment will be smaller than if you had waited (up to 30% less than i… Read More
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Reduce Fall Risk. Senior woman helping her husband to stand up after fall while they were jogging.

Tips on Lowering Senior Fall Risk

One out of five senior falls causes a serious injury — such as a broken bone or head trauma — according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report. Injuries of this sort can make life difficult for an older person to do everyd… Read More