Elder Law

Elder law is a concentrated area of the law that involves representing, counseling, and assisting seniors and people with disabilities — and their families — in connection with a variety of legal issues. The elder law attorney also handles estate planning and counsels clients about planning for incapacity with health care decision-making documents. McCreary Law Office focuses its Houston elder law practice in assisting clients in planning financially for possible long-term care needs, including at-home care, assisted living, or nursing home care.

Elder law needs might arise slowly or suddenly. When a diagnosis regarding dementia, Alzheimer’s, or something similar is initially made, one of the key steps to take as soon as possible is to address future incapacity issues. Online powers of attorney or those drafted by attorneys unfamiliar with elder law could mean the need for formal, expensive guardianship proceedings later.

Elder law needs can also be addressed proactively. By taking steps when the client is healthy and in a position to structure her assets to protect them for the future, the bridges that might need to be crossed later if long-term care comes into the picture can be easier to navigate.

Examples of Elder Law Areas

*Areas Not Addressed by McCreary Law Office

McCreary Law Office does not have a litigation practice as would be needed for areas of the law such as handling exploitation or abuse claims, nursing home claims, or guardianship proceedings. McCreary Law Office also does not handle contested issues for Medicare or Social Security. The office instead focuses on helping clients avoid the need for things such as guardianship proceedings. The office can also offer referrals to attorneys who do represent families involved in contested areas.

FAQs About Elder Law

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